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Mythicbells is currently not breeding, but we have a breeding pair (see "Parent Cats" link above) coming of age in 2014 and may have a litter in late 2014 or spring of 2015.

Any news will be announced on this website as well as the public Facebook page. 

Call or email with any questions.  Contact info. is available through 'Contact' link above.

About adopting/reserving a kitten

  • Kittens remain available until a deposit is received.
  • Though, in general, I do consider applicants on a first come, first serve basis, I give preference to buyers I feel most comfortable about and/or best fit the needs of a specific kitten or kittens AND who have committed themselves with a deposit.
  • I don't request a deposit until I can promise you a kitten. This deposit is NON-refundable to avoid folks holding up the adoption process for others merely to keep their options open.  Unfortunately you may not know WHICH kitten or kittens will be left at the time your turn comes to choose.  I do try to make this as painless as possible and keep you well informed.  Naturally, you have right of refusal, and your deposit can be held for a future litter.  I find that most people have a difficult time choosing between my kittens.  If they want a specific color or gender that I can't promise them, they simply pass for a future litter.
  • It's not unusual for my kittens to be spoken for at a very early age and those who dither have been known to come back to me several days or a week later only to find all of the kittens taken.
  • If the competition for kittens is pressing, I may stipulate a time frame I will hold a kitten pending receipt of a deposit - usually 72 hours.
  • The deposit goes towards the final purchase price, remainder of which is due upon adoption of the kitten.  I do not accept checks for the final payment unless pre-paid and cleared.  Other forms of payment -- cash, PayPal, cashiers check, etc. -- are acceptable.
  • Mythicbells pet sales contract is available on request.

I screen for people who will value the kitten as a cherished family member, and who are financially able to care for it for the rest of its life.   I've also taken considerable time and effort to breed for the unique, adorable, doll-faces while still maintaining the Persian "look" and sweet personality.  I continue to stay informed in the latest feline care, and I toil and worry endlessly over the best nutritious diet for them as well as making sure they are well trained and socialized before they leave my care.

Sorry, I do not ship kittens.  We are located about 40 miles east of San Francisco, California.

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Mythicbells Persians (Traditional Longhair) - CFA & TICA registered Persian kittens raised with LOVE!